Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Heaven Party

   On June 19th, Ava turned one...in heaven. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I LOVE throwing parties, especially themed parties to celebrate my loved ones. To not have the opportunity to throw my daughter her first birthday party...well, I don't have words to describe my heart break.
   We still wanted to do something special in memory of her first birthday, so we purchased a pink balloon. We went to our favorite park as a family and released it into the sky.

Ava's little brother holding her balloon

While I was unable to throw Ava her first birthday party here on earth, God comforted my heart by reminding me that she had an incredible birthday in heaven. She celebrated with all my friends babies who went to be with Jesus too soon. And she had Jesus by her side.
Each day that passes, is one day closer to heavens gates.....
will never have to say "good-bye" to her again.

Happy First Birthday, Ava Grace!