Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Redeeming Tuesday

People reference Monday as being the dreaded day of the week.  I have never dreaded a day of the week until last year. On Tuesday, January 14th, 2014 we learned the devastating news that our daughter Ava had died in my womb. The following Tuesday we got the call that Ava's body was ready to be cremated. The Tuesday after that we learned that her ashes were ready to be picked up. After that triple-play, I despised and dreaded Tuesdays. There were many weeks I wished Tuesday could be erased from the calendar.

One night as I was struggling to sleep, the Lord put a desire on my heart to start a miscarriage blog. As I thought about what to name it, the dreaded word and day of the week Tuesday continued to taunt and jeer at my grieving heart. "Screw Tuesdays!" my heart screamed... In the wee hours of the night, laying on my tear soaked pillow, God spoke to my heart. He told me I needed to follow His lead and redeem the day I had come to hate; the day that decided to show up every week and remind me of what I lost. While those three horrific Tuesdays threatened to steal my joy and spiral me into depression, God's grace allowed me to create something beautiful. I began sharing my grief journey with others through this blog, named Tuesdays in memory of Ava.

Little did I know what was to come...
Last June, I discovered that I was pregnant again. Many tears were shed as I continued to grieve Ava's death, while rejoicing over the life growing inside me. We soon learned that Ava was going to have a little brother.

Due to my many health issues, my doctor recommended that I be induced  a week early. As we started discussing dates, my doctor suggested being induced on Tuesday, February 3rd.

"Yes!" I cried.

On Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015 at 10:48 p.m., we welcomed Ava's little brother Isaac David into our family.
   Take that, Tuesdays.